Centreboard hoist Seaway Powell manual hydraulic raise/ lower:
  • stainless steel push/ pull ram
  • Pressure release valves for accidental grounding protection
  • Option of electric raise/lower
Kicker/Vang Barton Strut with 8:1 purchase led to swivel cam cleat
Spinnaker furler Bartels endless line top down with torsion rope
Jib Furler Bartels endless line mounted in below deck well
Backstay Harken 16:1 cascade
Main traveller Harken floor mounted 6:1
Deckgear Harken, Antal and Spinlock. 2 * Harken ST winches with cross winching arrangements. Antal deck organisers and Spinlock clutches
Engine Suzuki (Honda optional) 9.9HP 4 stroke:
  • electric start - pull start fitted as a back up
  • 10Ah alternator
  • Remote Spinlock throttle and F-N-R controls, cockpit mounted
  • Engine mounted on hinged plate in stern well, 1 handed operation
  • ‘Bomb doors’ to hull aperture, 1 handed operation
  • 10l tank.
Bow Roller Removable